The latest innovation in Green Stable Coin Technology, producing the perfect ecosystem for secure, transparent, and scalable cryptocurrency use.

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We’re Community Driven

Bitcoin Air prides itself on it’s community driven growth and communication. We begin by building our businesses culture around Security, Transparency, and Scalability, and proceed to scale up our goals to the communities needs and requests. Bitcoin Air focuses on being the first suitable alternative to Bitcoin, by providing both an environmentally friendly consensus method, and backing our stable side-chain with Carbon Credits to aid in producing Green Initiatives through day to day business and consumer interaction.

We Give Global Solutions

Bitcoin Air seeks to provide a global solution to many of the key issues faced with traditional emissions, banking and financial systems. By combining the feature rich and populated base of Bitcoin, with the environmental and user-friendly consensus method of Peercoin, we produce the perfect dual-chain Blockchain that has ability to maintain both stable and volatile value. Bitcoin Air goes one step further to implement Atomic Swap to remove the need for exchanges and centralized trade forces. Bitcoin Air focuses on bringing real-world change to the greater population by providing the first Carbon Credit Asset Backed currency that will in the end produce clean air initiatives and aid in reducing the Human Carbon Footprint by carefully regulating and producing new Emission Reducing Programs and Technologies.

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The power of the Blockchain is endless and Bitcoin Air plans to implement this scalability to our payment solutions. We will make things like Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, and Atomic Swap primary features to our Blockchain to ensure that scalability and security are not something we will lack. Through the use of our dual-chain blockchain, Bitcoin Air produces the first step towards creating a merchant and consumer friendly financial system that can not only promote positive change financially, but also environmentally by producing Swap and Spend fees that go directly to creating clean air initiative programs and technologies that reduce the Human Carbon Footprint, and in the long run, reduce the cost of manufacturing and producing goods!



Revolutionary Blockchain Approach

By combining both the feature-rich, and populated base of Bitcoin with the Hybrid PoS/PoW source of Peercoin, along with a dual-chain Blockchain developed with Carbon Credit Asset Backing. Bitcoin Air will offer not only the most secure value preserving method for cryptocurrency, but also the most innovative and useful currency of its time through the implementation of Segregated Witness, Atomic Swap, Lightning Network, and Hybrid Dynamic Proof of Stake/Proof of Work Consensus.

User-Friendly Applications

Using the Bitcoin Air Applications will be a breeze. We are dedicated to creating a simple, jet-stream merchant and consumer payments system for the everyday individual. This means that anybody can access and store their funds securely using any available application. Send, Spend, Withdraw, Deposit, or Store your funds all from the comfort of your easy to use mobile application.

Innovative Security Methods

Bitcoin Air implements Hybrid Dynamic Proof of Stake/Proof of Work consensus to stop the potential replay attacks, double spending, and 51% attacks that could happen within the blockchain, while maintaining user privacy and security, Bitcoin Air maintains the side chain reserve system through trust-less consensus and irreversible mint/burn protocols that ensure no fowl play can take place.



Bitcoin Air has one goal to unify the world through safe, secure, and transparent payments. Decentralizing the overall power of value and returning it to the people through the Blockchain.


Bitcoin Air’s mission is to design and produce the first viable attempt at tackling the key issues associated with cryptocurrency, small business and environmental risks at hand today. By producing the first Carbon Credit Asset-Backed Dual-Chain Blockchain, Bitcoin Air leads the way in pioneering the adoptability, scalability, and overall benefits of using the Blockchain. Combining this technology with Green Initiatives and a viable means of Asset-Backing, Bitcoin Air creates the first Living Ecosystem dedicated to reducing the Human Footprint, lowering the cost of living, and increasing the overall quality of life.


Bitcoin Air values transparency, security, integrity, and power to the people. We feel any and all decisions guiding a communities path should be up to the people themselves. The only thing we should ever ensure is the security and well-being of our community. This in turn brings us to our value of integrity. Ensuring that we are transparent with you all and maintain the same truths to ourselves as we do you our people. Bitcoin Air also thrives on the idea that the world can pursue a clean means of growth without destroying the lives of others and the ground under our feet. We at Bitcoin Air strive to produce a truly positive force in Crypto Space that can change things for the good of our future generations.


bitcoin air pre-fork
road map

  • The official Announcement of Bitcoin Air Development will begin with a short paper release
  • This will include our website details and links, fork details,vision and technology short statement



  • Development and Administrative teams are Finalized
  • Open Development Q&A on Discord for Community Involvement





  • Development of the New HDPoS/W Algorithm Plan
  • Development of the Air Protocol Begins
  • Development of Bitcoin Air Begins
  • Continued Development of a Secure Mint/Burn Procedure
  • Start of Wallet Developments for Desktop and Mobile Applications
  • The official Announcement of the Date for the Upcoming Snapshot



sept./ october

  • Final Development Push to Reach the Main Net Snapshot Date
  • Implementation of the Air Protocol Core to the Bitcoin Air Core
  • Fork Date Expected Before the End of 2018

Frequently Asked

What are the specifications of the upcoming fork?

Bitcoin Air will be airdropping coins to everyone who holds Bitcoin and Peercoin during the time of the snapshot. The specifications to follow are below:

  • 21,000,000 XAP in Circulation (After 6 months, unclaimed remainder burned in 3 month batches over time)
  • 42,000,000 XAP Tail Emission (Not Including Mint/Burn)
  • Side-Chain starting at Zero Circulating Supply with Asset-Backing up to 67,200,000 USDAP that will expand as the reserves grow.
  • Hybrid PoS/PoW
  • 4 Minute Block Time
  • 12.5 XAP Block Reward
  • 16MB Blocksize
  • Block Reward Halving every 788,400 Blocks (6 Years)
  • Full-Embedded switch to DPoS after 7,884,000 Blocks or 60 Years. Block Reward adjusts to 19,248 XAP per year for DPoS rewards.

Bitcoin Air is a bilateral dual-chain blockchain developed to deliver a means of indirect carbon emission reductions through decentralized, trust-less merchant/consumer interactions. Bitcoin Air plans to reduce carbon emissions through the development of a dual chain volatile/stable coin pair dedicated to creating the most versatile and scalable solution for merchant and consumer use. Merchants will be able to transact in cryptocurrency without the worry of profit loss due to fraud or technical issues within their conventional credit card processing equipment. Consumers will be able to transact in a multitude of ways including in person, over the web, or via AirCash Physical Currency!

Our Airdrop is a simple, and secure process. People can participate in claiming their Bitcoin Air rest assured that their Private Keys are secure and free from any online forms or submissions. Bitcoin Air utilizes a secure keyless claim that simply requires users to sign a message with their wallet instead of providing the private key. You will be prompted to sign a specific message to claim your Bitcoin Air come claim day, December 15th, 2018. Once you verify your Public Address and sign the provided message, you will be prompted to provide a Bitcoin Air Wallet Address to receive your allocated Bitcoin Air. Our script will then automatically process the transaction to your wallet in a prompt fashion.

Bitcoin Air is a bilateral merge fork between Bitcoin ($BTC) and Peercoin ($PPC). We are currently discussing if we would like to include Bitcoin Cash into the Airdrop as well!

Currently, we are in discussion with several exchanges in regards to them supporting our upcoming airdrop. For now, please just ensure that you hold all Peercoin or Bitcoin OFF-EXCHANGE to ensure that you receive our airdrop if exchanges do not support it! (IMPORTANT: If an exchange decides not to support the airdrop, the holders on that exchange will NEVER receive Bitcoin Air!)

We are in no way associated with the Peercoin Foundation, Peercoin Development Team, or Peercoin Community Team. We are our own separately funded and developed team that is pursuing completely separate use cases.

There are 3 ways you can get USDAP: 1. Be a merchant that accepts Bitcoin Air via payment protocol, and it will automatically be converted into USDAP when a payment is accepted to avoid volatility. 2. Burn your Bitcoin Air and mint USDAP within the wallet, which you can then burn back and mint into Bitcoin Air. You can also convert it into AirCash. 3. Receive AirCash ($USDAP) in person from another person and sweep it into your wallet. USDAP will not be sendable to each person. It will only be able to be minted/burned and then able to be exchanged via a paper fiat code called AirCash that can be swept into your wallet balance. It will not be available for purchase on exchanges

The official snapshot date for Bitcoin Holders will take place on Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd, 2018. The official snapshot date for Peercoin Holders will take place on December 1st, 2018.

The Bitcoin Air team is a wide spread culturally diverse development team dedicated to providing a ground breaking product through Non-ICO, Non-VC funding directly from private partners all who are dedicated to the community and people alike. The team section can be found in our navigation and will highlight the teams placements and qualifications alike!


Bitcoin Air Resources

Revolutionary Blockchain Approach

Bitcoin Air Explorer: (Under Development)


You can keep an eye out for our upcoming fork details. Bitcoin Air will be a merge fork between Peercoin and Bitcoin. Both PPC and BTC holders will receive Bitcoin Air (XAP) post-fork date.