Over 25 skilled individuals contributing effortless hours of dedication daily, and constantly expanding.

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Anthony C.

Lead of Finance and Development
7+ Year Cryptocurrency Veteran, Blockchain Developer, and Business Development Specialist


Jamal Aezaz

Lead of Marketing and Promotion
Marketing Expert, Influence marketing manager, have worked with 30 ICOs helped them launch and managed their Marketing Bounty Programs. Founder at , and Co-Founder at

Simo Mcunu

Lead of Communications and Media
International Speaker, Blockchain Influencer,Crypto Guru , Vice President at Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company in the World, worked as a Top Financial Analyst at World’s most innovative bank.

Alex Gemcut

Lead of Graphics and Design
Graphic Design and Web Development, Alex is a key addition to the Bitcoin Air team that ensures the overall look of Bitcoin Air fits well!

Community Leads

Mister Kruger

Community Management/Marketing
Background in IT/Networking & Security, Ex-Security Consultant

Morty Smith

Community Management/Marketing
Email/Chat/Phone/Desktop Support, Internet and Application Support Background, Former Support Technician for Apple, Verizon, and Google.


Community Management/Marketing
Serial Entrepreneur, App Design, Marketing Guru, Brand Consultant

Ezaz Ahmed

Marketing and Promotion
With extensive knowledge in growth hacking and overall community promotion, Ezaz aids Bitcoin Air in attaining it's maximum potential for adoption!

Deeba Javed

Marketing and Data Analysis
Experienced Data Analyst and Marketer, her keen sense of details aids Bitcoin Air in promoting with the best conversion possible.

Shams Ladhani

Marketing and Content Creation
With a 12 years experience across blue chip businesses on the internet playing all possible roles from Content Writer to Chief of Marketing, Shams has established both the skill and network to lead Bitcoin Air to world domination.


Burak Mert Gonultas

Application Developer
Other research interests cover Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence topics.

Alexandru Caranfil

Development Operations
DevOps Engineer, Linux System Administration, Systems Engineer, Docker Enthusiast

Amit Verma

Back End Web Developer
Back-End PHP/Laravel Developer, CodeIgniter Professional

Serban Nicusor

Server Administration
Full Stack Web Developer, C# Developer, DevOps Engineer


Shehab Ahmed

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Development Strategist, and CTO Host Sailor

Harry Yu

Harry is a managing partner of Jove Capital based in BeiJing and also a partner of Great China of based in Singapore. He serves as a board director and an observer on several boards. He made strategic investments in many top tier ICOs such as FileCoin, Polkadot and Hedera Hashgraph.

Simo Mcunu

International Speaker, Blockchain Influencer,Crypto Guru , Vice President at Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company in the World, worked as a Top Financial Analyst at World’s most innovative bank.

Kamal Mustafa

With a degree in Computer Science, Kamal has over 7+ years experience as a Data Scientist and has worked on many projects in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning (ML) and Data Mining. His passion for new technologies led him into cryptocurrency world.

Frequently Asked

What are the specifications of the upcoming fork?

Bitcoin Air will be airdropping coins to everyone who holds Bitcoin and Peercoin during the time of the snapshot. The specifications to follow are below:

  • 21,000,000 XAP in Circulation (After 6 months, unclaimed remainder burned in 3 month batches over time)
  • 42,000,000 XAP Tail Emission (Not Including Mint/Burn)
  • Side-Chain starting at Zero Circulating Supply with Asset-Backing up to 67,200,000 USDAP that will expand as the reserves grow.
  • Hybrid PoS/PoW
  • 4 Minute Block Time
  • 12.5 XAP Block Reward
  • 16MB Blocksize
  • Block Reward Halving every 788,400 Blocks (6 Years)
  • Full-Embedded switch to DPoS after 7,884,000 Blocks or 60 Years. Block Reward adjusts to 19,248 XAP per year for DPoS rewards.

Bitcoin Air is a bilateral dual-chain blockchain developed to deliver a means of indirect carbon emission reductions through decentralized, trust-less merchant/consumer interactions. Bitcoin Air plans to reduce carbon emissions through the development of a dual chain volatile/stable coin pair dedicated to creating the most versatile and scalable solution for merchant and consumer use. Merchants will be able to transact in cryptocurrency without the worry of profit loss due to fraud or technical issues within their conventional credit card processing equipment. Consumers will be able to transact in a multitude of ways including in person, over the web, or via AirCash Physical Currency!

Our Airdrop is a simple, and secure process. People can participate in claiming their Bitcoin Air rest assured that their Private Keys are secure and free from any online forms or submissions. Bitcoin Air utilizes a secure keyless claim that simply requires users to sign a message with their wallet instead of providing the private key. You will be prompted to sign a specific message to claim your Bitcoin Air come claim day, December 15th, 2018. Once you verify your Public Address and sign the provided message, you will be prompted to provide a Bitcoin Air Wallet Address to receive your allocated Bitcoin Air. Our script will then automatically process the transaction to your wallet in a prompt fashion.

Bitcoin Air is a bilateral merge fork between Bitcoin ($BTC) and Peercoin ($PPC). We are currently discussing if we would like to include Bitcoin Cash into the Airdrop as well!

Currently, we are in discussion with several exchanges in regards to them supporting our upcoming airdrop. For now, please just ensure that you hold all Peercoin or Bitcoin OFF-EXCHANGE to ensure that you receive our airdrop if exchanges do not support it! (IMPORTANT: If an exchange decides not to support the airdrop, the holders on that exchange will NEVER receive Bitcoin Air!)

We are in no way associated with the Peercoin Foundation, Peercoin Development Team, or Peercoin Community Team. We are our own separately funded and developed team that is pursuing completely separate use cases.

There are 3 ways you can get USDAP: 1. Be a merchant that accepts Bitcoin Air via payment protocol, and it will automatically be converted into USDAP when a payment is accepted to avoid volatility. 2. Burn your Bitcoin Air and mint USDAP within the wallet, which you can then burn back and mint into Bitcoin Air. You can also convert it into AirCash. 3. Receive AirCash ($USDAP) in person from another person and sweep it into your wallet. USDAP will not be sendable to each person. It will only be able to be minted/burned and then able to be exchanged via a paper fiat code called AirCash that can be swept into your wallet balance. It will not be available for purchase on exchanges

The official snapshot date for Bitcoin Holders will take place on Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd, 2018. The official snapshot date for Peercoin Holders will take place on December 1st, 2018.

The Bitcoin Air team is a wide spread culturally diverse development team dedicated to providing a ground breaking product through Non-ICO, Non-VC funding directly from private partners all who are dedicated to the community and people alike. The team section can be found in our navigation and will highlight the teams placements and qualifications alike!