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We’re Community Driven

Bitcoin Air prides itself on it’s community driven growth and communication. We begin by building our businesses culture around Security, Transparency, and Scalability, and proceed to scale up our goals to the communities needs and requests.

Bitcoin Air focuses on being the first suitable alternative to Bitcoin, by providing both an environmentally friendly consensus method, and backing our stable side-chain with Carbon Credits to aid in producing Green Initiatives through day to day business and consumer interaction.

We Give Global Solutions

Bitcoin Air seeks to provide a global solution to many of the key issues faced with traditional emissions, banking and financial systems. By combining the feature rich and populated base of Bitcoin, with the environmental and user-friendly consensus method of Peercoin, we produce the perfect dual-chain Blockchain that has ability to maintain both stable and volatile value. Bitcoin Air goes one step further to implement Atomic Swap to remove the need for exchanges and centralized trade forces.

Bitcoin Air focuses on bringing real-world change to the greater population by providing the first Carbon Credit Asset Backed currency that will in the end produce clean air initiatives and aid in reducing the Human Carbon Footprint by carefully regulating and producing new Emission Reducing Programs and Technologies.

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The power of the Blockchain is endless and Bitcoin Air plans to implement this scalability to our payment solutions. We will make things like Segregated Witness, Lightning Network, and Atomic Swap primary features to our Blockchain to ensure that scalability and security are not something we will lack.

Through the use of our dual-chain blockchain, Bitcoin Air produces the first step towards creating a merchant and consumer friendly financial system that can not only promote positive change financially, but also environmentally by producing Swap and Spend fees that go directly to creating clean air initiative programs and technologies that reduce the Human Carbon Footprint, and in the long run, reduce the cost of manufacturing and producing goods!